Welcome App Monkey

At App Monkey, we are inspired by Steve Jobs, the ultimate design expert in world. He was passionate about design of every product to the level of obsession. His thrust was always on distinctive design—which is clean and also user-friendly. Jobs has always said: “It takes a lot of hard work to make something simple”. This has also been our hallmark in app design and development at App Monkey. Founded in 2010, we have delivered critical mobile applications of varying degree of complexities to hundreds of customers spanning in more than 47 countries globally.

Our team is a bunch of developers and designers who are just passionate about mobile application technology. We understand the underlying challenges of app designing and development and always overwhelm our customers with our elegant solutions. Building successful mobile apps is what drives us. We work to create apps that helps fulfill your motives and requirements completely at an affordable price.

We are not a corporate in true sense at our core. Our team comprises product whizzes, UX design masters, and software development geniuses. If you have a dream of creating an amazing app, we can certainly make it a reality. We create high-quality iPhone & Android apps for startups and corporate clients.

App Monkey can be a proven and reliable mobile application development partner in India; we can help you realize your dream of creating an attractive, stable, and resilient mobile app for your business. We have a highly capable in-house team of developers and designers who specialize in different sectors such as marketing, art, animation, finance, manufacturing, and services so we understand the business needs of different sectors and offer the right solution.